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User:VeryVerily/Requests for assistance

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This is a sandbox for a working proposal. It is not active yet.

Since Wikipedia is an open project, permitting anyone to edit, we occasionally attract those whose goal is to make vast, systematic edits to the encyclopedia in order to promote theories and ideas which have very little acceptance. The most vigorous such attacks have come from unreformed communists, who attack all articles pertaining to communism to remove reference to communist atrocities, the repressive nature of communist regimes, and so on, while spinning theories blaming other forces, such as "capitalists" or the United States for the suffering under these regimes. There are also often corresponding "anti-capitalist" rants inserted across a spectrum of articles. These edits go far beyond "revisionism" - a dubious but scholarly effort to reinvent communist regimes as merely mildly repressive - and are instead efforts to weight all communism articles heavily towards a pro-Red view.

I have fought a battle - sometimes lonely, sometimes not - to protect Wikipedia's articles from repeated such attacks, by users who often rely on armies of sockpuppets to prosecute their activities. But I know others would help out if they knew, and so this page exists. My proposal is that if a Wikipedia article is under heavy attack, an alert can be added to this page by me or anyone else involved in this process.

Those who wish to participate may add this page to their watchlist and be apprised of new alerts.

Active alerts[edit]

These are sample entries, not necessarily kept up to date.


Shorne attempting to blame the kulaks for their own mass murder.

Inactive alerts[edit]

For pages under recent attack but currently protected or not under assault.

Khmer Rouge - protected[edit]

Shorne and Ruy Lopez attempting to remove negative info on the KR, in particular with respect to their many victims.