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7/23/03 -- I'm a newcomer to this wiki. When I looked up "Earth Science" in the directory, I noted that there are more than a few stub pages and links to pages that don't exist yet. I hope to remedy that situation by my own efforts and those of you who lurk and/or contribute to this page. Please contribute or correct as you see fit.

I'd also like to hear from any of you out there. My personal e-mail address is michaelg2@mindspring.com. I also run a website, Websurfers Biweekly Earth Science Review (www.mindspring.com/michaelg2/index.html); it's basically a jumpsite with a growing amount of original intellectual content.

CV: 20+ years with U.S. Dept. of Interior (USGS, BLM); six years with Denver Museum of Natural History; three years with Morrison Natural History Museum. Professional emphasis: field geology, paleontology, technical editing and publishing, and information technology in the sciences. Personal interests: SCUBA and free diving, and travel to/living in WARM countries surrounded by salt water.