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During my first few years editing Wikipedia (2004-2006) I did a bunch of maintenance.


I've removed a lot of pages from Wikipedia:Cleanup - I'm working from oldest to newest, and am up to Wikipedia:Cleanup/Leftovers#Oldest as of 29 March 2005 (UTC). Here are those pages I've removed after fixing their listed problems:

  1. Power beaming - technology concept
  2. Júbilo Iwata - J. League team
  3. Alan Blunt - fictional character. Also Alex Rider.
  4. Ben Goodger - programmer
  5. Julio Dam - Messianic Jew (now deleted)
  6. Geodesy for the layman - moved to Wikibooks
  7. Church rank
  8. Paul Collyer - redirect to Championship Manager
  9. Morios - moved to Moria (tree)
  10. Gear ratio
  11. David Hestenes (notable physics teacher)
  12. Helbreath (MMORPG)
  13. Garden designer (turned into a redirect)
  14. Possible crisis in Western publishing (now deleted)
  15. Hamid Etemad - professor of international business
  16. Drizzt Do'Urden - famous drow from Forgotten Realms
  17. Daniel Dumile - hip hop MC


Categories I've created and populated ("not populated" means I added only one or two articles to the category):

  1. Category:Dungeons & Dragons creatures
    1. Category:Characters of Dungeons & Dragons (moved to Category:Dungeons & Dragons characters)
      1. Category:gods of Dungeons & Dragons
      2. Category:goddesses of Dungeons & Dragons (these two now merged into Category:Dungeons & Dragons deities)
      3. Category:Wizards of Dungeons & Dragons
  2. Category:Planes of existence (moved to Category:Dungeons & Dragons planes of existence)
    1. Category:Prime Material Plane
    2. Category:Outer Planes
    3. Category:Astral Plane (moved to Category:Astral plane)
  3. Category:Campaign settings (Dungeons & Dragons) (moved to Category:Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings)
  4. Category:Gothic - music genre (not populated)
  5. Category:Magical items (Dungeons & Dragons) (moved to Category:Dungeons & Dragons magical items)
  6. Category:Spells (Dungeons & Dragons)
  7. Category:Tuscany
  8. Category:Fictional dragons (populated only)
  9. Category:Physics education (not populated)
  10. Category:Random House
  11. Category:Wikipedia policies and guidelines
    1. Category:Policy thinktank (moved to Category:Wikipedia proposals)
    2. Category:Precendents and examples
  12. Category:Help (moved to Category:Wikipedia help)
    1. Category:FAQ (moved to Category:Wikipedia FAQs)
    2. Category:Style and How-to (moved to Category:Wikipedia guidelines and Category:Wikipedia how-to)
      1. Category:Image help
  13. Category:Wikipedia statistics
  14. Category:Tabletop games
  15. Category:Antiques (not populated)
  16. Category:Furniture (not populated)